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    Post Test Training

Post Test Training

Refresher Courses

Duration: Varies

If it’s a long time since you rode a bike, you should consider taking a basic training course with us and ease yourself back into motorcycling.

The differences between the bikes you used to ride and today’s bikes can be astounding.

Don’t let your pride get in the way, think of it as developing the riding abilities you already possess.

Scotriders Training Centre, on East Dock Street in Dundee, at over 3000m square is the largest sole purpose training site in the country and with it's road layout gives you plenty of space to get used to the handling and feel of the bike before heading out onto the road.

So, whether you’re getting on a bike for the first time in years and would like to familiarise yourself with a modern machine or are trading up to a new or bigger bike and want to get used to it before going out on the road, give us a call, we’ll be glad to help you out.

You may also wish to consider the Enhanced Rider Scheme which can include more comprehensive training and can lead to insurance discounts.


Enhanced Rider Scheme

Duration: Assessment 3hrs, further training varies

As the only training school in Tayside with a DVSA Registered Post-test Motorcycle Trainer as an instructor we can offer you Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) courses.

Taking training to improve your riding will make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable for you. Through ERS not only will you develop new skills, but you can also get insurance discounts with the majority of motorcycle insurance brokers.

The ERS is training designed for fully licensed motorcyclists who would like to improve certain areas of their riding skills.

At Scotriders, the training is tailored to your needs … you do as little or as much training as required - mostly to help reduce key risk areas in on-road riding, such as bend negotiation, overtaking, filtering, positioning and junctions.

To get started, you should book an ERS assessment with us.

The assessment will identify your main strengths and weaknesses but there is no “pass” or “fail” - no test is involved and you cannot lose your licence.

If your riding skills are satisfactory, the process ends there and we will issue you with a DVSA Certificate of Competence.

If you do need training, we will prepare a personalised training plan for you and concentrate on specific areas needing attention, rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach.

Once you've completed your training, we will provide you with a report and a “DVSA Certificate of Competence - Enhanced Rider Bonus”, which can then qualify you for a discount up to 17% with a number of insurance companies.

Most importantly on completion of your ERS course you will know that your riding is up to a standard that should keep you safer out on the road and make motorcycling more enjoyable for you.

Enhanced Rider Scheme prices using own bike from £150

Type Price Using Own M/C Save Price Including Hire M/C Save
Refresher From £65 From £80
Enhanced Rider From £150 From £180

What our customers say

  • Brilliant training centre ran by fantastic people. Alan has patience of a saint and gives fantastic instruction and tuition.

    Murray Clark
  • Fantastic place to do your CBT, good clear instructions, goes at a pace that suits you (even if you do take a little longer for it to sink in) very patient! Definitely recommend to anyone who is nervous about getting in control of a bike! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

    Kirsty Richmond
  • Big thanks to all the guys at Scotriders for all the help to get my licence. Its the place to go, they are professional, helpful and friendly.

    Rhys Newell
  • Amazing! The only word that describes Scotriders, the most friendly and helpful couple you will ever meet.

    David Thomson
  • Guys a big thanks for all your help getting me through the mod 2!! Appreciated! All the best for the future.

    Mike McRitchie
  • Just wanted to thank Alan, Heather & Pete for your time, help and advice! Feels great to have passed! I'll keep in touch. Thanks again!

    Jamie Clarke (John Clark BMW)
  • Pete was very patient and helpful with me for my first time riding a bike and I also had very little road experience. He helped me stay calm and relaxed through the experience and we eventually got there. Thanks again!

    Brodie Toriati
  • Cheers for a cracking day on Saturday passing my CBT. Big thanks to Pete for making the day fun despite the usual Scottish Summer (read: loads of bloody wind and rain!) looking forward to getting a new bike and eventually getting rid of my L plates once and for all!

    Jamie Plommer
  • Cheers for today guys, the whole day was fantastic. You made everything very simplified even though I may have had to try on more than 1 occasion to do things.....was a pleasure...see you soon

    Darren Fleming (John Clark BMW Motorrad)
What our customers say