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    Pre-Test Training

DVSA Test Fees

The following are the test fee rates which the DVSA charge per test and do not include the hire bike or lesson fee for taking you for test.

  • Theory Test: £23
  • Module 1 Test: £15.50
  • Module 2 Test: £75
  • Extended Module 2 test for disqualified riders: £150

You can book your tests online yourself at the above DVSA rates (make sure your Instructor and bike are available before you confirm your own dates).

Alternatively for a small booking fee you can let Heather organise all your test bookings and as we trainer book tests in advance she can usually get you earlier dates than are available to the general public.

On the day of your test you will be the standard lesson price of £75 for the hire of bike & Instructor. If completing Mod1 & 2 same day, then £150. We meet at Scotriders 40 min's before your Mod 1 test and 30 min's before your Mod 2 test.

What our customers say

  • Brilliant training centre ran by fantastic people. Alan has patience of a saint and gives fantastic instruction and tuition.

    Murray Clark
  • Fantastic place to do your CBT, good clear instructions, goes at a pace that suits you (even if you do take a little longer for it to sink in) very patient! Definitely recommend to anyone who is nervous about getting in control of a bike! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

    Kirsty Richmond
  • Big thanks to all the guys at Scotriders for all the help to get my licence. Its the place to go, they are professional, helpful and friendly.

    Rhys Newell
  • Amazing! The only word that describes Scotriders, the most friendly and helpful couple you will ever meet.

    David Thomson
  • Guys a big thanks for all your help getting me through the mod 2!! Appreciated! All the best for the future.

    Mike McRitchie
  • Just wanted to thank Alan, Heather & Pete for your time, help and advice! Feels great to have passed! I'll keep in touch. Thanks again!

    Jamie Clarke (John Clark BMW)
  • Pete was very patient and helpful with me for my first time riding a bike and I also had very little road experience. He helped me stay calm and relaxed through the experience and we eventually got there. Thanks again!

    Brodie Toriati
  • Cheers for a cracking day on Saturday passing my CBT. Big thanks to Pete for making the day fun despite the usual Scottish Summer (read: loads of bloody wind and rain!) looking forward to getting a new bike and eventually getting rid of my L plates once and for all!

    Jamie Plommer
  • Cheers for today guys, the whole day was fantastic. You made everything very simplified even though I may have had to try on more than 1 occasion to do things.....was a pleasure...see you soon

    Darren Fleming (John Clark BMW Motorrad)
What our customers say