Terms and Conditions


Prior to the commencement of training you will be required to pass an eye sight test. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, please remember to have them with you. You must be able to read a car number plate at 20 metres.

Training machines

Scotriders will endeavour to ensure that the pupil trains on a moped or motorcycle suitable for their particular training needs, however, if the instructor feels that for the safety of the pupil and other road users the pupil should not continue to train on a particular moped or motorcycle he has the right to transfer the pupil to another bike of equal ‘cc’ or smaller. If the instructor feels that it is unsafe to continue he has the right to terminate the training. A mutually convenient time will be arranged to continue training. NO REFUND shall be given.

If you are using a motorcycle or scooter other than the one provided by Scotriders Motorcycle Training please ensure that you have a current insurance certificate, a valid MoT certificate (if applicable), full sized L plates displayed front and rear, valid road fund licence (tax) and the vehicle is road legal and mechanically sound.

If you are taking a motorcycle test then it must have a MPH speedo (no stickers or overlays) and is suitable for the test you wish to take, i.e., (A1, A2 etc). In short the responsibility for ensuring that your bike is suitable and eligible for test is yours.

If the instructor advises the ‘bike’ is not suitable for training and or taking the practical test on, the instructor has the right to terminate the training. NO REFUND shall be given. The pupil may hire a bike from Scotriders if there is one available.


Please wear suitable clothing, i.e., long trousers, a strong jacket and sturdy boots (not metal toe caps). A supply of safety helmets, waterproofs and gloves are available on request however you may wear your own if you wish as long as they are of a suitable standard.


All balances are due on or before the first day of training by cash only.


You must produce the following for all CBT courses:

A valid UK full or provisional photocard licence. For older style paper licences, photographic ID (a passport) is required.

For all post CBT courses you must bring your photocard licence.

For Theory and Motorcycle test you must bring your photocard licence, CBT certificate (DL196), Theory test pass certificate, Mod 1 pass certificate if attending for Mod 2 test. For older style paper licences, photographic ID (a passport) is required.. The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will not accept anything other than an original, complete and legible UK licence - again there are no exceptions to this. 

If you are taking a practical test please ensure that your Driving Licence has your current address. If the address on your licence is different from your current address because you have recently moved you will have to apply for your new licence yourself, however if your address is up to date the DVSA will retain your photocard and a new one will be sent out to you.

Course Timings

Please arrive in plenty of time to allow the course to start at the correct time. If you arrive later than the notified start time and the course has started without, you may forfeit your course fee.


Should you wish to cancel or change the date of your appointment we require a minimum of 4 working days notice.

If the above notice is not given a loss of course fee or a cancellation fee will be incurred (at the discretion of Scotriders).

Please note that once any part of a course is started then no refund will be given.

In the event that a course is cancelled in adequate time and a refund is due then a £25.00 administration fee will be charged (at the discretion of Scotriders).

In the event that a course is rescheduled with adequate notice no fee shall be applied.

Any fees due for cancelled courses that are not settled within 14 days shall be passed onto A.A.Hutton - Sheriff Officers and a 15% recovery cost shall be added to the outstanding fee.


Scotriders will endeavour to make your training as safe and enjoyable as possible. However, there is always a small element of risk in connection with the use of any motor vehicle, which cannot be totally eliminated. Unlike a car, your instructor can have no direct control over your vehicle and ultimately it is your responsibility to ride safely. With this in mind you must comply with the following:

Ensure that you are, and remain, fit to train. Only you know your physical and mental condition.

You must not be over tired, injured, or suffering from any ailment, which could affect your riding.

Try and get a good nights sleep before your training, as well as being unsafe there is little point in spending all that money if you are going to be too tired to understand and put into practice what you are being taught.

You must not have taken any drugs, including alcohol, which may affect your ability to ride.

You must inform your instructor if there are any problems in this respect or if any occur during the day.

You must ensure that you have adequate breaks, drinks and food and that you are properly clothed.

Only you will know if you are fit to continue.

Do as your instructor tells you. If you are unsure about anything get it clarified before carrying on. Do not feel pressured into anything if you are not confident. If any problems occur whilst on the road, pull over in a safe place as soon as possible. If you have any problems or concerns of any kind during training you must bring them to the attention of your instructor. All lessons are undertaken at the trainees own risk.

Read the latest edition of the highway code before commencing your training course.

Accidental Damage

Should you be unfortunate enough to damage one of the training machines provided by Scotriders there is a £250.00 insurance policy excess. The student will be held liable for any accidental damage or loss up to £250.00 that occurs due to negligence or misuse and this must be paid within 14 days.

Please note that if you pay attention to the instruction and advice given and do as asked by your instructor you should not damage the machine.

If the moped, motorcycle or equipment is damaged such that it is not safe to train on or take a test Scotriders will endeavour to find a replacement. If there is not one available the training or test will be cancelled until such time as replacement can be found, or the damage has been repaired. A mutually convenient time will be arranged to continue the training or test. NO REFUND shall be given.

If after damaging a moped, motorcycle the instructor feels that for safety reasons the pupil should not continue to train on that particular bike he has the right to transfer the pupil to another bike of equal ‘cc’ or smaller. If the instructor feels that it is unsafe to continue he will terminate the training. NO REFUND shall be given.


Scotriders shall not be liable for any loss or damage to your property, nor death or injury, unless due to negligence or other failure of Scotriders to perform its obligations under general law.

In the unlikely event of an accident, Scotriders have in place Public Liability Insurance and Motor Insurance in order to ensure that you have the best protection possible whilst training with us.

All courses are booked on the basis of the information that you have given us, responsibility for ensuring that these details (including your licence entitlements) are correct are yours - this includes how much previous riding experience you claim to have.


Not having read this notice does not exempt you from the consequences of cancellation fees etc.


We look forward to seeing you soon and we hope that you enjoy your training.

What our customers say

  • Brilliant training centre ran by fantastic people. Alan has patience of a saint and gives fantastic instruction and tuition.

    Murray Clark
  • Fantastic place to do your CBT, good clear instructions, goes at a pace that suits you (even if you do take a little longer for it to sink in) very patient! Definitely recommend to anyone who is nervous about getting in control of a bike! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

    Kirsty Richmond
  • Big thanks to all the guys at Scotriders for all the help to get my licence. Its the place to go, they are professional, helpful and friendly.

    Rhys Newell
  • Amazing! The only word that describes Scotriders, the most friendly and helpful couple you will ever meet.

    David Thomson
  • Guys a big thanks for all your help getting me through the mod 2!! Appreciated! All the best for the future.

    Mike McRitchie
  • Just wanted to thank Alan, Heather & Pete for your time, help and advice! Feels great to have passed! I'll keep in touch. Thanks again!

    Jamie Clarke (John Clark BMW)
  • Pete was very patient and helpful with me for my first time riding a bike and I also had very little road experience. He helped me stay calm and relaxed through the experience and we eventually got there. Thanks again!

    Brodie Toriati
  • Cheers for a cracking day on Saturday passing my CBT. Big thanks to Pete for making the day fun despite the usual Scottish Summer (read: loads of bloody wind and rain!) looking forward to getting a new bike and eventually getting rid of my L plates once and for all!

    Jamie Plommer
  • Cheers for today guys, the whole day was fantastic. You made everything very simplified even though I may have had to try on more than 1 occasion to do things.....was a pleasure...see you soon

    Darren Fleming (John Clark BMW Motorrad)
What our customers say